Dr. Ashis Biswas

Ashis Biswas


Associate Professor, School of Basic Sciences, IIT Bhubaneswar

Phone: +916747135118

Email: abiswas@iitbbs.ac.in



Postdoctoral Research Experience

  • Postdoctoral research fellow at Case Western Reserve University, USA.

          Mentor: Prof. Ram H. Nagaraj

  • Postdoctoral research fellow at Cleveland Clinic Foundation, USA.

         Mentor: Prof. Dennis Stuehr


Broad Area: Biophysical Chemistry

Specific Area:

1. Elucidation of structure-function relationships in small heat shock proteins and its importance in human diseases using biophysical and biochemical methods.

2. Investigating the effect of various post-translational modification on the eye lens crystallin proteins(α- and γ-crystallins) and their role in developing cataract in human lens using biophysical methods.

3. Elucidating the mechanism of interaction of metal complexes (anti-cancer agents) with DNA and protein using biochemical techniques.

4. Peptides as potential therapeutic agents

Publications: Journals: 43 (h index 16)

Citations: 588 (Source : Scopus)

Supervision:  Completed: Ph.D. 2, M. Sc. 8, M.Tech. 1   Ongoing: Ph.D. 3, M. Sc. 3,  B.Tech. 1


1. Impact of lysine acetylation in Hsp16.3 on its structure, chaperone function and the growth, survival as well as pathogenesis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Agency: SERB, DST

Status: Running

2. Molecular design, synthesis and evaluation of novel hydrazone derivatives and their transition metal complexes as potential anticancer agents.

Agency: DBT, India

Status: Completed

3. Role of C-terminal region of Mycobacterium tuberculosis of HSP 16.3 for its structure, stability and chaperone function- A biophysical and site directed truncation study.

Agency: CSIR, India

Status: Completed

4. Catalytic activity of endothelial nitric oxide synthase- A probe into the molecular basis of electron transfer limitation.

Agency: DST, India

Status: Completed

5. Structural basis for enhancement of chaperone function of alpha-crystallin

Agency: IIT Bhubaneswar, India

Status: Completed

6. What is the molecular basis for the low activity of endothelial NO synthase?

Agency: American Heart Association (AHA), USA

Status: Completed


At the undergraduate level:  Chemistry theory (CY 1L001), Chemistry laboratory(CY 1P001), Introduction to biosciences and technology (1D2L002)

At the postgraduate level:     Biophysical Chemistry (CY7L021), Thermodynamics and chemical equilibrium (CY5L005), Application of fluorescence spectroscopy in chemistry and biology (CY7L017), Physical methods in inorganic chemistry (CY7L006), Physical chemistry laboratory (CY5P003)



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